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Invitation_Sculpting Schengen Award 2023.jpg

Sculpting Schengen Award 2022


It is a special pleasure for us to present you the winners

of the Sculpting Schengen Award 2022.

The prize was offered for the first time by the Valentiny Foundation in cooperation with the municipality of Schengen and the Kunsthilfe Salzburg
and aims the promotion of young artists with a connection to Luxembourg.
We would  like to draw you attention to the
award ceremony on

24 February 2023 at 18:00 at the Valentiny Foundation in Remerschen.

Following the award ceremony, the exhibition will be formally opened.

The winning projects will be exhibited for one month at the Valentiny Foundation in Remerschen. In addition, all applications to the award will be on display in poster form.


The Jury The jury members are:


 Anna Valentiny – Valentiny hvp Architects and Founder of Point Nemo Publishing (L)

Michel Gloden – Major of the Commune of Schengen (L)

 Eva Weissenbacher – Vorsitzende Kunsthilfe Salzburg (A)

 Martin Rehrl - Sculptor and creator of the "Unitatis" monument (A)

Pit Molling - Sculptor & Multi-Media Artist (L)

Nadina Faljic - Artist residency coordinator and assistant curator at Casino Display (L)


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