Sculpting Schengen Award

Today the Valentiny Foundation in collaboration with the Commune of Schengen and the Kunsthilfe Salzburg have the great pleasure to launch the open call for the “Sculpting Schengen”-award.


The guiding principle of international solidarity finds new meaning in the current socio-political situation of Europe and it’s neighbouring countries. This year's award is all the more intended as a sign of international cooperation, friendship and the mediating potential of art.

Applications should be handed in via the electronical way only and until the 20th of November at 11:59 PM.

For any further information, download the Open Call.


The Jury The jury members are:


 Architect François Valentiny – Valentiny Foundation (L)

Michel Gloden – Major of the Commune of Schengen (L)

 Mag. (FH) Eva Weissenbacher – Vorsitzende Kunsthilfe Salzburg (A)

 Martin Rehrl - Sculptor and creator of the "Unitatis" monument (A)

Pit Molling - Sculptor & Multi-Media Artist (L)

Nadina Faljic - Artist residency coordinator and assistant curator at Casino Display (L)