Die Geschichte der Salzburger Festspiele

«Die Geschichte der Salzburger Festspiele von 1894 bis 2006» Wilhelm Holzbauer and François Valentiny, Jung & JungSalzbourg 2007

The history of the Salzburg Festival is linked from the beginning with the idea that the realization of this lofty project also includes the corresponding buildings. The integration of existing buildings Fischer von Erlach was not always a prerequisite, but was then a happy thought to connect the city's history with the fortunes of their festivals. 

Clemens Holzmeister : it was then succeeded to combine three stages under one roof, with of course proved the Small Festival Hall soon as less than ideal, to give the smaller stage productions for a theater-grade frame. So the idea of a new approach emerged as "Haus für Mozart", which became with all the consequences for the facade of the whole festival tract in the year of Mozart's 250th birthday reality.