The Architect

« The work of the architect is closely linked to his personality.
With his desire to create and his  experience of life, he strives to provide adequate answers to the social and cultural challenges of our society.
The design of the Pavilion de Luxembourg reflects my state of mind with regard to this challenge while I am convinced that life is actually only possible in a multicultural society » 

« Give an exceptional touch to daily life : this is the fundamental aim of the architect. He is not an intellectual but rather a craftsman, as for instance a carpenter or a gardener, working with all the creative possibilities provided by different types of materials. Creating durable forms, this is his perpetual challenge – function being secondary. » 

«Architecture is a permanent revolt against boredom and mediocrity. By having to show absolute respect with regard to creation, it is a continuous lesson of sobriety » 


                                        « Tout est Architecture! » 

« Architecture is the political and cultural reflection of a society. It is public and belongs to  everybody. The aim hence is not to approach a project as a canvas or a poem, not more than a  piece of music. Architecture can cause injuries and hurt. It transcends society. (…)» 

 « The work of the architect is guided by two opposite forces: the one of what is new (innovating) and the  one of what is conservation (cultural heritage).
This tension between past and future is a dilemma where resides the entire tragedy of contemporary architecture. » 

« Our society needs a culture of responsibility. We as architects are responsible of the disaster of the development of our cities and our environment. Our mission is not limited to the duration of an electoral mandate. Our decisions thus have long-term consequences. Even though the lifetime of a building is no longer as before 100 or 500 years but it is still an equivalent period of time to one generation or more. 

“Every project is an adventure that starts first of all in the head.
I consider the first stroke on a white sheet of paper as the
beginning of a new fantastic journey„