Architekturakademie for Kids - Die Architektur der antiken Welt

16. - 21- April  2019

14h00 - 16h00


Preis: 20.- (pro Termin)

Anmeldung: info@valentiny-foundation-com




Past workshops

Drawing Course

09th of March 2017

Drawing course with Romain Hoffmann





13th of April 2017

workshop with Eric Schanck


Workshop of Shangahi Business University - Creative Visual Thinking

May 2017

Workshop of Shanghai Business University - Creative Visual Thinking

supervised by DETAO Masters Professor Fernando Brandao from Brazil, Professor Hikosaka from Japan and Professor Francois Valentiny from Luxembourg




Schengen Summer School 

1-10th of September 2016

"Architecture & Migration"

Workshop in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg

and finacial support of the Valentiny Foundation