Annual contribution:

As a present, the donators of the Foundation receive a series of three lithographs signed by Valentiny.

In addition, the donor gets an annual membership. 

size: 40x30cm
paper: original GMUND Pure Crème 100% Cotton 300g/m²

Price: 1800€

200€ of this contribution to the foundation are spent for the education for young pupils from the Commune of Schengen.

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I would like to receive the four annual editions of ADATO architectural magazine published by Valentiny architects to be sent to my address as indicated below (upon additional payment of 200 € or more)
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IBAN LU93 0019 4255 3054 6000

RCS: G 232

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The foundation is a recognized public utility establishment and may as such receive donations deductible cash on the part of donors such as special expenses within the limits laid down in article 109, paragraph 1 No. 3 of the income tax act. Regardless of the amount you choose to pay with your donation, you will support our mission by helping us fund our activities.  To make a donation, please fill out the form below, the payment can be made online via PayPal, by bank transfer or standing order.
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