The VALENTINY FOUNDATION has been recognized by the Luxembourg Government as being for public benefit but it is a privately financed institution. 

The Foundation needs to find funding to be able to maintain the collection, organize high quality expositions and publish catalogues with the main objective to support the PUPILS of the COMMUNE OF SCHENGEN, STUDENTS and YOUNG ARCHITECTS.

Recently VALENTINY hvp architects is the main supporter of the FOUNDATION and steadily expands the collection. 

To go further the FOUNDATION needs your SUPPORT as a: 


Becoming a MEMBER, DONOR or BENEFACTOR makes you not only a partner of the FOUNDATION, but you guarantee moral support to this cause of public utility. Meaning, you will be investing in the implementation of its programming for the benefit of our architectural and cultural environment.




According to a defined percentage of incomes, the board of the Foundation will award: 

- Artistic and architectural education for pupils, students from the University of   Luxembourg and young architects: 30% from the incomes 

- Exchange of ideas through the organization of conferences and symposiums:
  20% from the incomes 

- Teaching program for drawing courses: 10% from the incomes 

- Organization of exhibitions: 10% from the incomes

- Organization for diverse projects: 30% from the incomes 

“Nulla dies sine linea„
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