The architectural works

François Valentiny will put at the disposal of the Foundation his preparatory works such as drawings and model structures for the most important and prestigious of his architectural works. These preparatory works will allow better understanding and following the approach of the design and more specifically the interaction of shadows and lights up to the final architectural work. 

These works will be of interest to an informed public where they will be used with a pedagogical aim (students, pupils) as well as to the larger public with a more ludic or touristic approach. 

Around the site, visitors will be able to combine the visit to the Foundation with an itinerary of contemporary architecture as the Esplanade of Schengen, the Centre Européen Schengen or the «Tower of Dreams and Longings» in Trier.

The pictorial works


A very important part of the canvas, drawings and engravings of François Valentiny will be given to the Foundation to create a permanent exhibition.




The visual works


Finally, the third part of the works of François Valentiny is visual. A large amount of his sculptural works will be given to the Foundation.

“The key to the secret of my work can be found in sketches and sculptures„